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What is Microcement?

Microcement is a continuous, highly resistant, High Decoration material that does not crack or fissure. It is the maximum hygiene option, since by not wearing gaskets, its cleaning is total. Remember that it is not necessary to remove the tiles, since it is applied on them. Putting microcement is the simplest option when executing a reform.

We use Lunik microcement, it ensures us the perfect termination for all our works.

Microcement has an infinity of finishes that make it the best choice for transforming spaces and smoothing walls. Both for bathrooms, kitchens, commercial premises, … we are the experts you need in Valencia.

Most of the problems that microcement has had in the past, is due to bad applications. Don’t trust just anyone, demand a specialist. Therefore, and thanks to our 10 years of experience, we want to be your Microcement Applicator.

Reforms with Style

Walls and Floors
We transform any room, interior and exterior, giving it an exclusive touch
We custom manufacture any type of furniture: tables, sinks, cabinets, doors, ...
Bathrooms and Kitchens
We turn your bathroom and kitchen into new spaces for you to enjoy your home
Give your premises a modern and industrial atmosphere, eliminating joints and improving the hygiene of floors and walls.
Improve the appearance of your offices in a simple and durable way
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We are your microcement applicator in Valencia because we have great experience, because we have done all kinds of jobs, because we want to be the best and that you recommend us. Both for renovations and for new construction, for floors and walls, CIMENT STUDIO is the best alternative. From a sink, a table, to the entire renovation of a restaurant with microcement. Check out our Blog to find out more.

Why is CIMENT STUDIO your Microcement Applicator?

Bathroom, kitchen, shops... renewed with Microcement

Bathroom, kitchen, commercial premises, any room is perfect for applying Microcement. Thanks to our experience and our continuous training in the latest trends, we can achieve any finish and texture. Our high quality and our obsession for details make us the best option. Both for interiors and exteriors, with concrete finishes, oxide finishes, metallic, any option is possible. Of course the application of microcement can be done on tiles and on any type of support. If you have doubts you can consult our frequently asked questions section.

Of course, the application of microcement can be done on tiles and on any type of support. If you have questions, you can consult our frequently asked questions section.

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How much?

The price is less than what you expect. Ask us for a budget, and we will give you the price per square meter that will surely make you decide. Get a smoothing of the walls, or an elegant floor for less cost than you think. Check out our projects, for example in Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Murcia, …

Microcement Maintenance is minimal. You just have to make sure that you clean with neutral soaps and do not use highly acidic liquids. With all this, we will ensure that the hardness and resistance of Microcement will last for many years, with durability being one of its virtues. Whether matte, glossy or satin, its maintenance is minimal. For any questions about microcement, contact us, we are in Valencia although we move anywhere.

Microcement Maintenance

Microcement Experts

How long does a Microcement Reform last?

The reform or renovation with Microcement usually lasts between 2 and 3 days. By using such a thin layer (approx. 3 mm), it is not necessary to brush doors or remove debris, simplifying any renovation, whether in Jávea, Denia, Moraira or Valencia and lowering costs. It can be applied on tiles, plasterboard, plaster, tile, terrazzo, cement, concrete, marble …

Pablo Trias
Pablo TriasValencia
Read More
They advised me how to remodel the bathroom, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks guys!
Ester Martínez
Ester MartínezPeñíscola
Read More
They renovated the restaurant, and now it looks much more beautiful. Highly recommended.
Luz Velasco
Luz VelascoDenia
Read More
Thanks to Cimentstudio we apply the microcement in the kitchen and it has been designed. Very professional.
Jose Cuéllar
Jose CuéllarJávea
Read More
They applied microcement all over the floor and we have forgotten about the joints. A success, thank you.
Jesús Bes
Jesús BesBétera
Read More
We started with the bathroom, and we liked it so much that we ended up applying it throughout the house. Very good professionals.

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Microcement Maintenance

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Microcement in Valencia

The Microcemento in Valencia has a name and it is CimentStudio. We are specialists in the preparation, application and advice of microcement. We have the best professionals and materials to ensure that our projects are a success.

It has the best equipment to achieve the finish you expect with the quality you deserve. We are official Lunik applicators, the best material currently available, both for its strength and finish.