10 Reasons to have a Microcement Bathroom

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Bathroom renovation

The bathroom is one of the rooms that we most frequently reform. It is a place that we like that is especially clean, and that hygiene is a fundamental pillar. The tradition that we have always followed has been the tiled bathroom, and lately with a shower tray. Today we will see the 10 reasons why you should have microcement in the bathroom.

In earlier times it was common to use bathtubs, but this tradition has gone down in history due to the inconvenience of accessing them. Although it is true, that in design houses bathtubs are still used, but usually it is because they have a lot of space and it is possible that they also have a shower tray in the same bathroom.

That is why there are ten reasons to reform our bathroom with microcement:

  • Hygiene: It is possibly the main reason, since being a joint-free material, its cleaning is perfect. We can remove any remaining dirt and once clean we are sure that there is no trace of germs.
  • Aesthetics: Microcement is undoubtedly the most trending material worldwide, due to its finishes and the range of colors that can be achieved.
  • Integration: The floor can be the same throughout the house, leaving the bathroom fully integrated.
  • Waterproof: It is a totally waterproof material that ensures that there will be no humidity problems.
  • Microcement washbasin: You can project the microcement washbasin that would be integrated into the wall as if it were a piece of rock.
  • Shower tray: As with the sink, the shower tray can be made entirely of microcement.
  • There are no traces of moisture in the joints: Being continuous there are no joints. This allows that no traces of dirt remain on them.

  • Does not crack: It is a very resistant material that withstands bumps and scratches.

  • Does not slip: As it can be done with a certain degree of roughness, we can customize the level of slipperiness.

  • Utility: It is easily manageable to get niches in the shower area that are very practical and useful to leave the bathroom equipment.

Our microcement system together with the experience in application in bathrooms results in a waterproof microcement that does not cause humidity problems and becomes a design, quality and waterproof application with resistance to humidity. Even with plasterboard structures, sinks and shower trays can be designed that are integrated in an elegant, simple and harmonious way.

In general, bathrooms can be achieved that give a feeling of more spaciousness. Microcement is a continuous decorative coating with light colors that gives a feeling of greater size. Also some microcements are antibacterial, which have special additives to prevent bacteria from reproducing in delicate places in the bathroom.

Valencia: starting point

The goal is to create a harmony to our liking for our home. That we achieve the design of the room that we want to achieve, that transmits peace or energy, it is our choice to give free rein to the imagination.

We are experienced microcement applicators and decoration consultants. We have made authentic works of art in bathrooms with microcement. Call us and we can talk! www.cimentstudio.com

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