CimentStudio Colors

At CimentStudio we want to offer you a range of microcement colors that can be combined in any environment. We present you our catalog, where you can surely find the color you dream of. We have a wide range of gray and beige colors. For the most daring, we have more striking colors that are sure to change the look of any room.

At CimentStudio we know the importance of the Natural, of the search for the roots. That is why our colors have the essence of the elements found in nature. Inspired by the mountains of our planet, find the color that best suits your tastes and give your home a different touch.

Natural Colors

Permanent Colors

Thanks to the use of the best pigments, our microcement does not discolor over time or due to solar action. Its colors remain unchanged both indoors and outdoors. Only by using the best materials and techniques can we ensure that our works last over time.

Although we have a wide range of colors, at CimentStudio we can customize and get any color. You just have to choose the color you want, and you can enjoy the exclusivity of microcement with your chosen color.

Custom Colors

Quality Guarantee

Our works speak for us, you can visit our Projects to see works made in different colors. Our goal is that you see all the possibilities, and choose the ones that best suit your needs. Any option is possible, and we will advise you so that the renovation is perfect.

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