8 Reasons to Reform your Kitchen with Microcement

Microcemento Kitchen Reform

If you are thinking of reforming the kitchen, this article interests you. We are going to see the advantages of a kitchen renovation with microcement compared to other more traditional options.

Currently, and especially after COVID, many customs that we had previously are beginning to change. Our preferences have changed, and hygiene now acquires a relevance that it did not previously have. Therefore, the appearance of new coatings will continue to boom in this 21st century.

Let’s see the main reasons that lead us to reform a kitchen with microcement.

Cocina microcemento

1. Hygiene

As we have already advanced, reforming your kitchen with microcement will provide you with that hygiene that traditional tiling is unable to give you. As it is a continuous coating, without joints, dirt does not become embedded in them, so when we wipe the surface, the surface is completely free of dirt and bacteria. Being a surface without pores, bacteria do not reproduce so there is no possibility that they can spread, and they end up dying.

2. Warmth

The touch of microcement is that of a surface that gives a feeling of warmth. The surface that is achieved is very fine that is very pleasant to caress. If you have never experienced it, we recommend that you do it, as it would be similar to the touch of a pebble.

Cocina microcemento

3. Go with everything

Whether you have a kitchen with white or black wooden furniture, or the color of the wood itself, there is a microcement color for you. One of its great advantages is that you can get any color, making it easy to play with an existing kitchen. As it can also acquire any type of texture, it can even adapt to the type of furniture. If we have a more rustic piece of furniture, we could choose a rougher finish that evokes a country house. On the other hand, if the furniture is more with straight lines, the ideal is to choose a fine texture, with neutral colors.

4. High resistance

Microcement is a material with great resistance to scratching and impact, so its use is perfect for walls and floors in the kitchen, since it will withstand everything. This will give us the necessary peace of mind to be able to lead a normal life in the kitchen without being aware of damaging the surfaces.

5. Impermeability

Another of the virtues of microcement in a kitchen is its impermeability. The kitchen is one of the rooms that gets the most dirty, which is probably the one that we clean the most times throughout the week. Normally in the kitchen we use the mop, so if we have a totally waterproof floor, we know that we can clean it as many times as necessary without damaging it.

6. Microcement countertop

The use of microcement in kitchen countertops is currently becoming very fashionable. The possibility of having the same finish on the countertop as on the walls or on the floor, opens up endless possibilities for decorating this room.

7. Simple Reform

The possibility of applying microcement on any surface makes it the simplest option for any type of renovation. Forget about removing the countertop, forget about removing the tiles from the floor or the walls. With microcement, simply with the help of a technician, you will have a totally new kitchen in a few days.

8. Best Value for Money

Taking into account the exclusive finish that microcement achieves, there is nothing similar for the same price. In addition, if we take into account that it is not necessary to clear rubble and that it would not be necessary to request a building permit, it is clear that kitchen renovations with microcement will be a trend in 2021.

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