do they resist wine?

We are often asked if our tables are wine resistant, and the answer is yes! Designed to withstand daily use, cleaning a microcement table is very easy, and they easily withstand wine stains and everything that is part of your routine. Combine style and resistance without worries.

cleaning our microcement tables

Keeping our microcement tables impeccable is very simple. With just a damp cloth and a mild detergent, you will remove any stain effortlessly. The double-sealed surface makes daily cleaning easy, ensuring your tables look as shiny as the first day. Practicality without sacrificing style. Goodbye to worries!

maintenance of our microcement tables

Our microcement tables not only dazzle with their modern design, but also make life easier with zero maintenance. Forget worrying about scratches or stains; With a simple occasional cleaning, they will look like new.

The intrinsic resistance of microcement eliminates the need for complicated treatments. Simplify your life with furniture that doesn’t require your attention, so you can focus on what really matters.

the secret of our microcement tables

The secret behind our microcement tables lies in two key elements: our solid 15 years of experience applying microcement and choosing the best material available.

Thanks to our expertise, each table reflects artisanal quality and durability. The premium microcement we use guarantees an impeccable finish, combining resistance and style to create exceptional furniture that lasts over time.

In creating our microcement tables, we use the same robust system that we use to pave floors in commercial premises. Durability, resistance and aesthetics are guaranteed to withstand intense use. Each table is designed with the same quality and care as a commercial floor, ensuring impressive and long-lasting results.

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