Defects and Misapplication of Microcement

Microcement Application Defects and Errors

Microcement is a popular material that is often used in renovations or new construction applications due to its clean, fast, and easy installation process. However, there have been instances of poor application resulting in cracks, stains, and other defects, leading to negative customer experiences and the material’s bad reputation.

To ensure the successful application of microcement, it is crucial to hire a professional with experience and knowledge in the application process. A decorator painter may not be sufficient, as the microcement application involves various aspects, such as supports, wet areas, proportions, layers, and times.

One common problem that occurs during microcement application is the visible marks of tile joints, which result from the difference in absorption between the tile and joints. To address this issue, filling the joints and applying a good bonding bridge are necessary.

Another issue that arises is the presence of relief due to the application with a trowel. Sanding between layers and checking for imperfections with hands until it is entirely smooth can help to mitigate this problem. Additionally, gentle sanding with sandpaper on the last layer of fine microcement is necessary to eliminate any remaining imperfections.

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Moisture and Microcement Defects

Stains and marks on the microcement are also common, and they can occur due to various reasons. One of the most common causes is not respecting the polyurethane drying time, which can lead to unsightly stains. Applying the polyurethane layer correctly is also essential as contact with water can cause it to absorb water, leaving stains. Moreover, poor application of the polyurethane with a roller can result in marks due to the excess polyurethane load in the applied area during application.

Changes in the tonality of the microcement can also occur if the measurements are not respected during the mixing process. This issue usually arises if mixtures are made for each application.

Fissures or cracks in the microcement, undesirable textures, and detachment of the microcement are some of the other possible incidents and defects that can occur if microcement is not applied by professionals. Thus, it is crucial to hire a professional microcement applicator who is neat, clean, methodical, and patient to avoid errors in the application.

CimentStudio as a Solution to the Bad Application

Despite the negative experiences some people have had with microcement, it is a new, exclusive coating material that is perfect for designers and offers great versatility. Additionally, it is cleaner, faster, and requires less work than removing and reinstalling tiles, making it an excellent option for most renovations. Furthermore, it is seamless, making it more hygienic and easy to maintain.

If you are considering using microcement for your renovation or construction project, it is essential to use high-quality products such as those offered by Lunik. Their products are of the highest quality, ensuring that your project is a success and your customers are satisfied.

At Cimentstudio, we have worked on microcement application for years, turning the challenges of application into strengths. As a result, we are now a benchmark in the industry, and our clients in Mallorca, Valencia, Castellón, Alicante, and Murcia can attest to our expertise. We have worked on both small and large projects, applying the same techniques to guarantee success in all of them.

To get a better idea of the finishes of our microcement projects, you can visit our website. Our website offers more information about our services, the materials we use, and how we can help with your project.

In summary, microcement is an excellent option for most renovations or new construction projects, provided that it is applied by a professional with experience and knowledge of the process. Check our website to keep knowing us

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