Defects and Misapplication of Microcement

Microcement Application Defects and Errors

We have all heard bad experiences in renovations or new construction applications with microcement, or it has cracked or stains have come out or uncorked, etc … The main reason for all these problems is 99% of a poor professional microcement applicator, this must be a professional with experience in the application. It is not enough to be a decorator painter, it is necessary to have done several works and learn all the casuistry that the application of microcement entails: supports, wet areas, proportions, layers, times, etc …

A bad application will cause problems in the short / medium term, and these defects will appear after a short time, such as stains or unwanted marks.

We now see some examples:

  • The marks of the tile joints remain visible. This is due to the difference in absorption between the tile and the joints. Here we must fill joints and apply a good bonding bridge.
  • Reliefs by the application with the trowel. Sand between layers, noting imperfections with your hand until it is completely smooth. In the last layer of fine microcement we must work the sandpaper very gently, checking, in detail with the touch, the imperfections to be sanded.
defectos microcemento

Moisture and Microcement Defects

Stains and marks on the microcement. They can be due to several reasons:

  • Stains from not respecting the polyurethane drying time
    Stains from not applying the polyurethane layer well. In this case, on contact with water, it enters the cement and absorbs the water, leaving a stain.
  • Marks due to poor application of the polyurethane with a roller. Defect caused by leaving excess polyurethane load in the applied area during application.
  • Changes in the tonality of the microcement. It is necessary to be very methodical with the mixtures (proportions), otherwise we will leave areas more colored than others. This usually happens if mixtures are made for each application, and the measurements are not respected.
  • Fissures or cracks in the microcement, undesirable textures, detachment of the microcement. There are many possible incidents and defects of microcement if it is not applied by professionals. The microcement applicator must be a neat, clean, methodical and patient professional to avoid errors in the application.

CimentStudio as a Solution to the Bad Application

These application errors that we have seen have resulted in bad customer experiences and have led to the bad reputation of microcement. Despite being a new, exclusive coating, special for designers and with great versatility, there are people who still do not see it as an option. We could say that in most renovations it is best to use microcement, it is cleaner, faster and with less work than removing the tile and reinstalling the tile.

It is also a seamless material, which makes it more hygienic. We use Lunik products ( which asure us the best quality and it helps us to satisfy our customers.

The Cimentstudio team has worked for years on these needs, turning them into strengths when it comes to application. We are currently a benchmark in the application and our clients speak for us in Mallorca, Valencia, Castellón, Alicante and Murcia. We have carried out small and large projects, and in all of them we have applied the same techniques that guarantee success.

You can review some of the finishes of our projects here. And for more general information about us, go to our website

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