Know the Differences between Microcement and Polished Cement

Microcement: Minimum Thickness

We are often asked what the differences are between microcement and polished cement. In reality they are two very different materials, that although some of their components are the same, the rest of them make them two totally different materials.

One of many differences between microcement and polished cement is thickness. While the microcement is of minimum thickness (approximately between 2 and 3 millimeters), the polished cement has a thickness of between 6 and 8 centimeters. These thicknesses are the minimum so that its mechanical resistance is already high.

Another difference is that microcement does not require expansion joints and polished cement does. This gives it an aesthetic factor of continuity, which is what is sought in homes or commercial premises.

In addition, unlike polished cement, we can use microcement on floors and walls, also called horizontal or vertical application.

Jointless Microcement

Microcement is a decorative material. Its function is never to structurally support any load, but is a coating on the surfaces that support the structures.

These properties do not mean that the microcement is not resistant, on the contrary. Its hardness and resistance is achieved by the fineness of its layers. In this way, its curing is perfect and its ability to resist bumps and scratches is maximum.

Therefore, these are some of the reasons that are causing the popularization of microcement in renovations of homes and small commercial premises:

  • Cost: It is reduced since debris is avoided
  • Minimum thickness: Avoid having to sand doors
  • Ease: It can be applied without having to remove parts of the house, for example door frames, or even embedded kitchen furniture.

CimentStudio: Specialists

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