Microcement and Humidity

How Does Microcement React to Humidity?

MICROCEMENT HUMIDITY – One of the biggest problems we can face with microcement is humidity. Despite the fact that the microcement that we use in CimentStudio is waterproof, we must be careful with humidity. Although it seems contradictory, we are going to explain ourselves.

Is there a problem with applying the microcement in a damp area like a shower? Definitely not. Microcement, if it is of quality and is well applied, will last us for many years in any room at home, or at a business premises.

The problem of humidity comes from when it comes from the surface where the micro is applied. One of the most common cases we face is capillary humidity, very common in old houses. Our advice is to always repair it before applying microcement, without applying any intermediate solution. Ask us to see possible solutions if you think you may have this problem.

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Other Problems

In addition to capillary moisture, another problem we usually deal with is the application of microcement on layers that have not fully cured. Any surface that contains cement and that has been recently worked must be completely cured before applying our micro.

The curing time of concrete is usually 28 days. Let us bear in mind that with the microcement and later with the varnish layer, we create a vapor barrier on the applied surface. So if the concrete is not fully cured, the water will tend to evaporate and as the microcement is present, it will push it to try to rise to the surface.

This can cause stains, cracks, and other defects that will ruin the application.

Environmental humidity must also be controlled at the time of application. The reason is that the drying times will be extended, and we must take this into account when applying the successive layers. If we are applying layers without them being completely dry, the system will not achieve the necessary hardness and the problems will come from poor execution.

For more information, visit our CimentStudio website and discover the options available to you.

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