Price of a Microcement Bath

When we are going to reform the bathroom, possibly one of the first doubts is always about its price. How much do we want to spend to change the bathroom and modernize it? We are going to explain what you have to take into account to know the price of a microcement bathroom. Also if it is cost effective compared to a tiled one.

baño microcemento

Microcement bathroom

In order to calculate the price per square meter of microcement, the first thing we will obviously need is the surface. At this point we must decide where we want to apply microcement, if it is on the walls, the shower area, on the floor, or on the entire surface.

If we are talking about a reform, and if for example the bathtub has to be eliminated, a budget for the removal should be considered. This cost will be the same whether the reform is done with tiling as with Microcement. This work involves cleaning the area and covering it with some insulation to avoid humidity.

Once we have decided where we want to apply the microcement, we must see the number of corners, since the working hours depend in part on this type of detail.

Another factor to take into account would be the type of finish chosen for each of the surfaces. Current trends indicate that floors tend to be more neutral or with more basic colors. This implies that the price of the floor will be more or less the same depending on the finish if you choose the ones mentioned above.

Different Finishes

For the walls, there are plenty of finishes where customers prefer to invest a little more in giving the bathroom that air of exclusivity. Metallic finishes or finishes are those that have a higher cost, since their application is very handmade. You could say that they are practically pictures painted on the wall. This type of textures to give prominence to the shower area, or the wall of the washbasin turn our bathrooms into authentic works of art.

In the end, the price of being able to have a bathroom entirely with microcement usually starts at a minimum of 60 euros per square meter. To which should be added the additional tasks that we have discussed above.

It is no less true that if we are going to reform a bathroom, with microcement we will avoid asking for the cumbersome construction permits and having to remove and remove the old tiles. In the end, its price is similar to that of a tile, although the result is much more exclusive.

From CimentStudio we recommend having professionals and experts in the application of Microcement. The bad reputation it receives is due to the intrusiveness that exists in the sector, which for very low prices accept jobs that experts must later repair.

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