Microcement Colors

Infinity of colors

The saying goes that for tastes, colors. If we take it literally, we could say that with microcement we can get all the colors and finishes we desire. This is because pigments can be applied just before use, being able to adjust the tone to any part of the house where we are going to apply it.

Microcement stands out for being a material with a great visual and decorative character, as well as for its hardness and high resistance, which makes it perfect on surfaces such as walls and floors. Due to its range of colors, it can be played with the design of bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Due to all this variability of finishes, it is the preferred material for decorators today. 

Microcement finishes

Microcement is a waterproof coating, without joints and very easy to clean. These characteristics make it a great option before deciding how our walls or floors are going to be. Today it is used in many rooms and adds a touch of class to bathrooms and kitchens. One of the main benefits that we have already discussed is that it offers a wide variety of good quality finishes.

The infinity of colors that can be achieved make it the most flexible option to adapt to ready-made buildings. It has become one of the options that offer greater quality and versatility to place, both in the home kitchen, as in the bathroom and other coatings.

From Ciment Studio we have positioned ourselves as a microcement applicator company for more than 7 years, using the latest techniques and materials in the application of decorative microcement. In recent years we have incorporated metallic coatings such as iron, copper, aluminum and their oxidations.

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