Microcement, infinity of colors

The microcement can be made in an endless number of colors, we could really have all those included in the RAL chart. Despite this, when we see works made of microcement, the vast majority of them are made in shades of gray or in shades of beige. Why? Because the current trend is everything related to raw, unfinished things. And in this, microcement is king, since it gives an industrial touch that cannot be reproduced in other materials.

We could say that the 5 most popular colors are:

  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige
  • Earth

Black is always synonymous with elegance. In addition, with microcement in dark colors, more cementitious effects are always achieved. The texture of dark colors always leaves a higher degree of trowel marks. This particularity is especially sought after in some areas of Spain, especially in the south. The white color is another basic that you cannot miss. We have made stairs completely blank and the result leaves without repair.

The other 3 colors that we have highlighted: beige, earth and gray, are more neutral colors, very easy to combine with any type of furniture. These colors are very fashionable lately, since they manage to give that industrial touch so sought after by most architects.

A Color for Every Room

All microcement manufacturers are committed to having a large assortment of grays and browns in their catalog. These colors are the basis to later give prominence to an object or a wall. For those elements that we want to highlight there are nowadays metallic, oxide or stone finishes, which will make any room different.

The strong and striking colors generate a great attraction of the eye. They are frequent in restaurants, hotels, commercial premises, but in homes they could cause fatigue and that we want to change them after a while. Therefore, we do not normally recommend them for large surfaces and we always opt for more neutral tones.

We always advise doing tests on the wall to see what the color and finish would be like and if it matches the furniture design.

Trends in Decoration

There is currently a trend towards minimalism in the world of interior design. Our microcement system is considered a highly decorative application and is being widely used by most decorators and lovers of interior design. The reason is the possibilities it provides to create any type of environment.

In the choice of colors and design of floors and walls we have to take into account the furniture and decorative elements that are going to coexist. The color that we choose for the microcement will create that relaxing space for us, or if we choose more daring tones, it can create very modern and groundbreaking environments.

Samples of colors, textures, and finishes are a good element to choose from. Thanks to them we can get an idea of ​​the final finish that the walls, floors or ceilings will have once the microcement is applied. Create your ideal space with us, and we will advise you on the colors and textures that best suit your home or business premises. Visit us on our CimentStudio website.

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