Microcement Experiences

Experiences of Our Clients

MICROCEMENT EXPERIENCES – As CimentStudio we have met a multitude of clients and the only point in common could be to look for something different. Mainly, our type of client is two, the private client and the professional. The private client is basically looking for practicality or aesthetics, since on some occasions he has not seen the results of the microcement in person.

When we talk about practicality, we refer above all to the elimination of joints in the entire floor or walls. It is the best solution to achieve a 100% easy-to-clean surface. Aesthetically, the fact of dispensing with tiles also brings that freshness to not-so-seen surfaces. Some choose the combination of tiles with microcement. The latter, when they try microcement, many times regret not having done everything with this material. The easy cleaning and its natural touch is incomparable with any other material.

As for our professional clients, they are basically decorators and architects. They are usually clients who are looking for a natural finish in their projects and who are up to date with the latest trends in decoration. Looking for that naturalness, they combine microcement with wood, glass or stone. All are elements that have a very pure touch and come from sustainable materials.

Cocina microcemento

Opinions of Our Clients

Once the microcement is installed, the experience of all our clients so far has been very positive. Most have managed to carry out reforms without cumbersome works, achieving a highly decorative finish. As for color, everyone has managed to find the perfect color they were looking for. Being a pigmented mass, any color can be achieved to suit the room.

Ciment Studio is a professional team with great experience in the installation of decorative continuous coating, our clients trust us and repeat hiring our services. The detail and the guarantee of a perfect finish is our hallmark. Ask us for information without obligation, we will advise you on the best application of microcement in your project.

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