Microcement for the kitchen in Spain

When it comes time to reform the kitchen, we always ask ourselves what we can reuse to try to keep the price from skyrocketing. We start with all the furniture, can it be lacquered? Is there a way to reuse it? Will I have to remove all the tiles? Re-veneer the kitchen after clearing?

From CimentStudio we cannot answer all your questions, but we can answer some of them. Forget about removing tiles and all the hassle of asking for a building permit, removing debris and cleaning your house for a month. With microcement it has never been so easy to reform a kitchen.

Microcement is a material that meets some rules:

  • resistant
  • great adherence
  • infinity of finishes
  • waterproof
  • without joints

These properties make it our ideal companion in any kitchen remodel. Although it is true that the furniture could also be covered with microcement, the something that is not extended. But the walls, the floor, the countertop and the front of the countertop are perfect for microcement.

Microcement is an ideal material for renovations. In addition to having made the reform easier, it is a perfect coating to create minimalist, designer, unique spaces. We can choose the color we want but the most requested are the whole range of gray, beige and brown. It is very important to know how to combine the color with the rest of the decoration components, and to know what we want to make stand out. So all these new trends in decoration are beginning to settle in Spain, although they have been ingrained in Europe for some time.

Cocina microcemento

Microcement in kitchens in Valencia

The resistance of microcement is essential in the kitchen, since the countertop is one of the areas with the most use of our home. Being able to cover the countertops and countertop fronts gives us that touch of originality, while also giving us a seamless surface that we can clean completely.

When we are considering whether or not to remove the tiles, keep in mind that the microcement layer is 2-3 mm, so by covering them we will not even have to disassemble the kitchen furniture. Its great adhesion means that all types of surfaces can be coated.


Everything is Advantages

Much of our time at home is spent in the kitchen. The microcement will allow us to enjoy that time in an environment that we can customize to our liking. Thanks to the combination of colors and textures, the kitchens can be designed totally to our liking.

Waterproofing is another strong point for any kitchen renovation. The microcement walls or floors do not absorb moisture, so they will withstand any environment and any cleaning that we want to carry out.

The fact that they do not carry joints ensures maximum hygiene compared to tiles. Cleaning a wall or floor with microcement is much more effective, so we will be sure to eliminate any type of bacteria that may exist.

Microcement in Valencia

Ciment Studio has carried out works in Castellón, Valencia, Alicante, Alzira, Xàtiva, Gandía, Jávea, Denia and many more cities in the Valencian Community. In all of them we have carried out works in which the owners have repeated the installation of microcement in other reforms. The experience of our clients has always been positive, creating original spaces with avant-garde style. But always with functionality ahead.

Ask us for more information about our works, results and experiences on our CimentStudio website. We can advise you on your projects because we are professionals in microcement. Above all we are present in Valencia, Castellón and Alicante.

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