Microcement Specialists

We have carried out work throughout Spain. For example, on the Levantine coast (especially in Denia, Jávea, Moraira, Altea) they enjoy some of our spaces. We have also carried out comprehensive reforms in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón, which endorse us as specialists in Microcement. We guarantee the success of any Project. Enter our Home to learn more about us.

Microcement in Homes and Shops

We have 10 years of experience applying Microcement, bringing the latest trends to the sector in a process of continuous renewal. We advise you as experts so that your satisfaction is complete. Do not hesitate, many clients enjoy their new kitchen, or bathroom, both on the floors and on the walls with the added hygiene and warmth that microcement provides. Also highly valued for shops, both for clothing stores or restaurants, microcement is the most trending material now in Europe. It has specialists in microcement for a perfect result.

Microcement in Spain

We use the best materials and the latest techniques in such a way that we ensure that our results do not crack and do not lose color. Do not hesitate, here we show you a small gallery of some of our works made in Spain. Microcement is becoming more and more fashionable and it is no coincidence. Check our frequently asked questions if you have any questions, or contact us and one of our specialists can help you.

escalera microcemento

Reforms with Microcement

At CimentStudio we know the importance of details. That is why you can entrust us with the reform of your bathroom, living room, kitchen, terrace, or commercial premises with microcement. We are specialists in microcement. We will advise you on colors, textures and a thousand options that you have at your fingertips thanks to our experience.

The possibilities are endless, let yourself be advised by our experts and you will see why microcement is the material of the future. It provides warmth and hygiene, giving an extra touch of habitability to our spaces.

Count on us to have a sink, a table, or any piece of furniture with a concrete look, giving an industrial touch to the environment. The possibilities will blow your mind. Check our Blog for more info.