Outdoor Microcement

Microcement in Exteriors

Microcement is a very resistant material that we are used to seeing on walls and floors of houses and in many commercial premises. But there are very few facades that are made of microcement. Is the microcement suitable for outdoors?

Our answer is definitely yes. Let’s see the reasons that make it a good option for outdoor walls or floors.

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High adherence

Microcement has a high adhesion that allows it to be applied on any surface, even if it is not porous at all. For example, it can be perfectly applied on glass.

This property allows you to cover any support that is deteriorated by the passage of time and renew it with the best guarantee of durability.

If we have an exterior wall whose appearance we do not like, we would only have to clean it up and apply the microcement without peeling problems.

Infinity of finishes

Microcement as we usually know it simulates concrete, which is why most people choose shades of gray. Brown tones are also used, although their use is still a little less. Jan exteriors often use a technique to simulate the concrete effect, such that the entire wall will simulate a formwork. This combined with wood or metallic details, provides a great feeling of modernity.

But the microcement can be pigmented with all the color chart you want, be it RAL or another. So the possibilities are endless and the range of combinations is infinite. Outdoor microcement could fit in any requirement.

Does not discolor

For exterior work, microcements with inorganic pigments are usually used. This type of pigment does not discolor either with the sun or with the passage of time, so that areas with different tones will not be created.

This particularity makes it a very good option to have a facade that looks like the first day for many years.

Outdoors Anti-slip

For example, for floors around swimming pools or simply outdoors, the microcement can be given the necessary roughness to make it completely non-slip. This, together with its impermeability, makes microcement a great option to cover any surface that we want to transform.

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