Microcement Floor

Advantages of Microcement Flooring

MICROCEMENT FLOOR – When it comes to reforming a house, or in new construction when choosing the floor, it is when we consider what type of floor to use. The most common option in recent years has been the use of porcelain. Among its advantages, the hardness it provides makes it a good option. The most common options would also be the use of laminate flooring, and already in a slightly higher price range parquet and marble. But there is another option that has become popular lately, the use of microcement.

Although many people advise against it due to bad experiences they have heard, it is a very good option. Most of the bad experiences that occur and have occurred with microcement, not only on the floor, but also on walls, are due to a bad application. Microcement is a technical coating that requires experience and knowledge to apply it with full guarantee. Unfortunately, given the popularity of the system, there are professionals from other sectors who dare to apply it. The result is often catastrophic.

Repairing a surface with poorly applied microcement will take time and money, which could be saved by hiring professionals who can demonstrate experience. A well-applied surface can last for many years while maintaining the naturalness of the first day.

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Continuous Pavement

One of the great advantages of microcement is that it is a continuous pavement. There is nothing similar in the market for the home that achieves that continuity. It does not need expansion joints, since it does not expand or contract due to temperature.

It is possible to cover the entire surface of a house with microcement without the need for a single joint. This will help to give it a significant roomy effect. Without mentioning, the advantages that are achieved in relation to hygiene. As there are no gaskets, dirt will not get embedded in them, making cleaning much more effective.

Resistant and Decorative Pavement

Another of the great advantages of microcement is its resistance. Although it is less than a porcelain tile, its resistance to bumps and scratches is very high, with a minimum of care it will make a floor look like the first day for a long time.

We must not forget another of its advantages, and that is the aesthetic change it provides to any room. Today, architects are looking for naturalness in each of the objects that decorate homes, and microcement provides another step in this search. Microcement is a material made up mostly of aggregates that is installed in a traditional way, hence its touch and appearance are so similar to those of a stone. Easily pigmentable in any color, microcement manages to reconvert rooms into natural and unique spaces.

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