3 Reasons to Reform your Shower Tray with Microcement

Bathtub Reform

The time of the bathtubs is past. Many years ago, everyone wanted a bathtub in their bathroom. It could be considered to be a status sign, possibly thinking of all those movies whose protagonists spent long hours in their huge bathtubs.

Over time, we have become very practical, and all those elements that once seemed essential to us, today we want to eliminate them. Until a few years ago, all bathtubs were made with a tile finish. After a few years, most of those reforms are to be reformed since the joints have deteriorated and the appearance that remains is very deteriorated.

The solution that many of our clients choose is that of microcement, either to eliminate the bathtub or to reform the tile showers again. Today we will tell you the main reasons.

baño microcemento

1. No Gaskets

One of the main advantages of microcement is that it is a continuous material, without joints. In addition to the feeling of spaciousness that it provides, it ensures that dirt does not accumulate at any point.

This property of this material is very useful both on floors and walls, since it considerably improves the cleaning of wet areas.

A microcement shower can be cleaned with any neutral soap we have at home, and it will always look perfect.

2. Waterproof

El microcemento es un material impermeable. Esta característica lo hacen ideal para zonas húmedas, ya que tanto en paredes con el vapor, como en el suelo de la ducha de microcemento, evitaremos problemas ocasionados por el uso de materiales que absorben la humedad, como las juntas. Gracias a ello, no se formará moho y reduciremos las opciones de que las bacterias permanezcan en las superficies.

3. Non-slip

Microcement can be finished with a multitude of textures. One of the most demanded in shower trays is with medium or coarse grain, which provides an extraordinary non-slip capacity.

This possibility of achieving a surface with the desired roughness, manages to give that feeling of security that we seek when standing on a shower tray. Depending on the experience of the applicator, as many finishes as we can imagine can be achieved.

To learn more, visit us on our CimentStudio website.

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