7 Advantages of Microcement in a Reform

Why Microcement?

Microcement is a trend and its application has many advantages. Its use is spreading in recent months throughout the world. The microcement has a finish imitating polished concrete, this can be achieved with just 2-3 mm.

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The Ideal Companion for a Renovation

We go on to list the seven advantages of the use of microcement in any reform we make in our homes or commercial premises:

  • Design: wide range of colors to achieve our objective in the design of our rooms. Without joints, it is a continuous coating that achieves new sensations and is more hygienic. We can also play with textures and touches of high decoration such as the use of metallic, oxides combined with stencils.
  • Versatile: we can apply this coating on tables and toilets, creating custom furniture from brick, marble or plasterboard.
  • Resistant: it is a material that can be applied both inside and outside the house, without detonating, without cracking and without detaching. It resists high pedestrian traffic and is widely used in commercial premises.
  • Waterproof, ideal for shower trays and wet areas.
  • Non-slip: the desired degree of slipperiness can be achieved, with textures or smooth, without affecting the aesthetics and elegance of the microcement.
  • Cleaning: By not having to remove the tiles, the work is much cleaner, since the dust that this type of renovation normally requires is not produced.
  • Lower investment in most renovations: as it is such a thin layer, it is applied on tiles on walls, floors or covering the stair treads. We save on labor, we do not have to clear rubble and we will also avoid the costs of work permits.


At CimentStudio we know well the advantages of microcement and the problems it can cause if it is not done by a professional. We have applied microcement in kitchens, bathrooms, floors, stairs, walls, interiors, exteriors, and the result has always been a satisfied customer.

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