Microcement Reform Duration

How long does an Application with Microcement last?

Knowing how long an application of microcement lasts is essential to make the decision to reform. The duration of the microcement is one of the factors that will make us opt for this type of coating on most occasions.

We analyze in this post the factors that influence the time of a microcement application. We will see what affects the final time of a correct application of microcement.

In the first instance, it is the state of the support that will determine the duration of the reform. If it is necessary to regularize the surface, it will be necessary to take into account the time of these works. In addition, and not least, the drying time of the treatment that we have applied. The normal thing is to try fast drying materials, if not, the time from the beginning to the end of the application will inevitably increase.

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Microcement Application

Once the surface is prepared and completely smooth, the application of the microcement will begin. The duration from here depends on the system you choose. In this article we will talk about a normal application of two layers of base and two of fine.

Therefore, the next step is the application of the first base coat. Once applied, we must take into account the environmental conditions. This fact will affect all layers, since their drying is directly proportional to humidity and ambient temperature. Assuming a temperature of 20 degrees, the drying time is 4 or 5 hours for each layer of microcement. If conditions are less favorable, each coat we apply should be the next day.

Therefore, considering the 4 layers, if the conditions are favorable it could be done in two days. If they weren’t, we could go in four days.

Polyurethane Application

Once the microcement is dry and the entire surface has been sanded until the desired finish is achieved, the next step is the application of polyurethane. The polyurethane varnish forms a waterproof barrier on the surface to be applied. Therefore it is very important that the lower layers are completely dry.

We will consider a normal application of two layers of varnish. In this case, even if the environmental conditions are favorable, we cannot cut the time between application of the two layers. The reason is that although it is dry to the touch, chemical reactions that need air are still carried out inside. Therefore if the first layer is covered by the second without having cured a minimum, it is possible that this causes hardness problems.

In summary, we have seen that a microcement application can go up to 7 days, and could be reduced using tools to improve drying. Therefore, it is the drying of the layers that will determine the final duration.

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