Hydraulic tiles with Microcement

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Microcement in Valencia

When they ask us which decorative elements combine best with microcement, one that we always mention is hydraulic tiles.

The hydraulic tile or hydraulic mosaic, as it is known in some parts of Spain, is a tile that is composed mainly of cement, marble and pigment. It is called hydraulic because a press of this type is used to consolidate.

Another peculiarity is that it does not need ovens for its shaping, hence it became very popular years ago at the beginning of the 20th century. Modernism led to the design of geometric designs, many of them based on nature.

The wide variety of colors and designs that hydraulic tiles offer us is today its strong point compared to other options. Although there are currently very few manufacturers of authentic pieces, their use has become popular with imitations of this tile that can already be manufactured using current techniques.

The New with the Old

Microcement is a decorative coating that combines with everything, since depending on the chosen color and texture, it can be more sober or be the protagonist of the spaces. When we have gone to houses that still have hydraulic tiles, we have not doubted it, and we have always recommended that microcement be adapted to this decorative element. In these cases we have always opted for colors such as steel gray or even lighter tones, so that those tiles that give a different character to the home stand out much more.

Lately in the reforms that we have carried out in this type of homes, microcement mixed with hydraulic tiles has been applied, combining it with other elements that give that touch of exclusivity such as solid brick on the walls and wooden beams.

Different Reforms

Today the hydraulic tile (imitation) is also being used in many renovations, it is a tile that combines very well in any area of the house and together with the microcement they are the perfect combination to provide color and minimalism at the same time.

Enter our projects page to see all the options that microcement offers us to be able to be combined with a multitude of decorative elements. Get to know us more on our CimentStudio website.

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