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Microcement applicators

Microcement is a High Decoration coating that offers numerous advantages. It is a continuous and highly resistant material that does not crack or fissure over time. In addition, its seamless application guarantees maximum hygiene and ease of cleaning.

One of the most outstanding advantages is its great adherence, which means that in a reform it is not necessary to remove the existing tiles. This feature saves time and costs, making microcement the preferred option for decorators and interior design professionals.

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At CimentStudio, we are specialists in microcement and we are committed to turning your dream of transforming your home into a unique environment into reality. Our company has the necessary experience and knowledge to carry out microcement projects with exceptional results.

If you are looking for quality, durability and the aesthetic beauty of microcement, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with personalized solutions to make your home an extraordinary space. Trust CimentStudio, your trusted microcement company.

Microcemento has an infinite number of finishes that make it the best choice for transforming spaces and smoothing walls. Both for bathrooms, kitchens, commercial premises,… it has the greatest experts in Valencia.

Reform Without Debris

Discover the advantages of a reform with microcement: speed, versatility and without building permits

One of the main advantages of opting for a reform with microcement is that a building permit is not required, since it does not generate debris or waste. This innovative coating is applied directly to any existing surface, such as tiles, plasterboard or mosaic, which makes it the ideal option for both renovations and new construction projects on floors and walls.

Bathroom, Kitchen, Wall, Floor... with Microcement

At CimentStudio, we offer complete and customized solutions with microcement. From the manufacture of sinks and tables, to carrying out comprehensive reforms in restaurants, we specialize in transforming spaces quickly and easily, without compromising quality.

Microcement Price

Discover surprisingly affordable prices in microcement. Request a quote and we will provide you with a price per square meter that will surely convince you. Get perfectly smooth walls or a stylish floor for less than you think. Explore our projects carried out in various locations such as Valencia, Alicante, Castellón, Murcia and more.

At CimentStudio, we are proud to offer microcement solutions at competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our goal is to provide you with affordable options to transform your spaces in elegant and sophisticated ways.

Microcement Maintenance

One of the great advantages of microcement is its minimal maintenance. You just need to make sure you clean regularly with neutral soaps and avoid using high-acid products. By following these simple steps, you will guarantee that the hardness and resistance of the microcement last for many years, since its outstanding durability is one of its main virtues.

Whether you choose a matte, gloss or satin finish, microcement maintenance is really easy. Its surface does not require complicated efforts or expensive cleaning products. With basic care, you will enjoy a coating that will remain impeccable over time.

Microcement Experts

How long does a Microcement Reform last?

One of the main advantages of opting for a reform with microcement is its speed. Typically, this type of renovation is completed within 2-3 days. Due to the very thin thickness of the microcement (approximately 3mm), there is no need to brush doors or deal with debris, which simplifies the renovation process.

At CimentStudio, we have carried out numerous projects in locations such as Mallorca, Jávea, Denia, Moraira and Valencia, and we have the full satisfaction of our clients.

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Microcement in Valencia and Mallorca

Microcement in Valencia and Mallorca has a name and it is CimentStudio. We are specialists in the preparation, application and advice of microcement. We have the best professionals and materials to ensure that our projects are a success.

It has the best team to achieve the finish you expect with the quality you deserve. We are official applicators of Lunik, the best material currently available, both for its resistance and finish.

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