Microcement Maintenance

What is the maintenance of the microcement?

MICROCEMENT MAINTENANCE – One of the most common questions our clients ask us is whether the microcement needs a lot of maintenance. More than maintenance, what the microcement really needs are a series of care, especially during the first weeks. Microcement is made up of a series of compounds that fully cure approximately 30 days after application, hence the precautions that must be taken at the beginning.

Once it is cured, its maintenance is based on cleaning with a neutral soap and water. Optionally, a layer of protective varnish can be applied every 4 or 5 years, although this is something that with good use should not be necessary.

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First Weeks

During the first week of applying the microcement it is strictly necessary to take all possible care. Avoid doing any type of work on its surface. In addition, any type of liquid spillage must be avoided. Uncured material may absorb water and become stained. Therefore, it should not be cleaned with water, and it should not be covered with cardboard that makes it difficult to dry.

From the first week we could proceed to clean it with water. Although it is necessary to continue to be extremely careful that any object impacts on its surface.

From the First Month

Once the microcement is applied for a month, it can be considered that its curing is finished. The care that we must take is the same as that of a parquet or marble. Avoid dragging furniture, avoid heavy objects falling …

Maintenance would be based on the application of an acrylic wax if it seems that the microcement has lost its shine. The wax would be applied after cleaning with an anti-grease detergent. As previously mentioned, after the years, a layer of polyurethane can be reapplied so that the microcement can be perfectly cleaned again.

Contact with strong solvents must be avoided, and if used, they must be dissolved in water. Taking care of it as a parquet would take care of, the microcement will last many years in perfect condition.

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