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Microcement Questions

Here we show you additional information about microcement based on questions that we all may have asked ourselves. If you have any additional microcement questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes. Our materials and working methods ensure that it can be applied to any surface. Both on walls and floors, as on any furniture or even doors that you want to give it a new look.

Yes. Our materials and working methods are fully suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It is a material that has an enormous hardness and resistance, which is highly recommended for any use.

Yes, that is why it can be applied on shower trays, or on kitchen countertops. It is not only aesthetic, it is a technical material that gives an unsurpassed result.

No. Due to its thin layer, it is not necessary to sand the doors or remove the windows, so its application is very simple and clean.

Yes, all the surface that we want to do, can go without joints, totally continuous, since no expansion joints are needed. It goes without saying that the hygiene of any room with this material is incomparable to traditional veneers.

Yes, since it is totally waterproof, so its use is also recommended in bathrooms and kitchens. Either to decorate walls or floors, as for kitchen countertops or shower trays and furniture in the bathroom.

No, once applied it does not deteriorate over time.

It does not need any maintenance. Its maintenance is similar to that of a parquet.

Yes, you can choose any RAL color, although our recommendation is to choose it from the color chart, since they are tested colors.

No, although you have to be careful, similar to what you would have with parquet.

The normal duration is usually three days, but it always depends on each job.

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