6 Reasons to Have Microcement Stairs

Microcement Stairs

The stairs in a home can be a hassle to go up or down. In addition, it is normally a very visible decoration element in any house, that when it goes out of style we do not know what to do to hide it. Today we present the advantages of having microcement to renovate our stairs and turn them into the greatest object of decoration in our home.

escalera microcemento

1. Easy Reform

Reforming stairs has never been easier than now. Microcement has a high degree of adherence, so it is applied directly on the surface of the stairs, both in the tread and in the riser, leaving a completely renewed surface.

Además, actualmente nuestros clientes suelen preferir que apliquemos el microcemento sobre toda la escalera, ya que la sensación de quedar como un bloque de “piedra” le da a la decoración del hogar un ambiente más exclusivo.

2. Cleaning

No more cleaning problems on the stairs. Being able to have a totally continuous surface without joints will facilitate the sanitation of each step. Simply with a neutral soap we can leave the ladder totally clean and its durability will be until we get tired of it.

escalera microcemento

3. Design

No material that we use to build or cover a staircase will give us the options that microcement gives us. We can choose any color from the RAL chart, as well as being able to choose finishes for all tastes.

4. Resistance

Microcement is a material of high resistance and hardness, making it ideal for high traffic areas. Ladders often take shocks, so we need a material that can withstand them without damage. With the microcement we will have the steps protected against any incident.

5. Sensation of Spaciousness

Thanks to its composition, microcement gives that feeling of spaciousness that we are often looking for in our rooms. This sensation is accentuated if we choose those colors that do not produce water on the surface, which are completely smooth.

6. Cost

The fact of being able to carry out our reform of the stairs without having to request a building permit or having to clear the rubble will save us a lot of money and a lot of paperwork. This is a reason that makes our clients not hesitate in the application of microcement, since it simplifies the reform and makes us reduce our budget.

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