Natural Microcement

Natural Renovation

The application of microcement is the best way to make reforms at home without having to make mountains of rubble, without endless works. The application of microcement has become the star when it comes to renovating stairs, covering old, old-fashioned or worn-out tiles.

Microcement is a little known application among individuals. Many people do not know what it is, or have heard about it but do not know it exactly and do not know its advantages. It is an application that is gradually entering homes, sometimes from the hand of decorators and others from the owners themselves. But what is clear is that its use has been a trend for a few years in renovations and even new construction. There are architects and decorators totally in love with microcement and whenever they can, they include it in their projects.

The return to nature is the trend in decoration right now, and in terms of coatings, there is nothing like microcement. Its aesthetics and smoothness are not comparable to any flooring.

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Back to the Origins

We start by explaining what microcement is. We can say that it is like a polished concrete that gives the feeling of a concrete block or even stone, but is achieved with only 3 millimeters thick. That natural stone look is what decorators and architects like. It is the particularity why spaces with natural touches are created so easily.

Glass, wood, iron, concrete or stone are elements that are combining with microcement. Any reform that seeks naturalness today, surely has several of these elements.

Other Advantages of Microcement

In addition to its natural look and feel, microcement has other advantages that make it the best option for most renovations:

  • Without debris, it is not necessary to request a building permit for its application.
  • Short application times.
  • Cover tiles on walls or floors.
  • Covers stair treads.
  • Continuous finish, without joints.
  • Wide range of colors.

The naturalness of microcement together with its sustainability make it a long-term option. At CimentStudio we are convinced that the properties of microcement will make it the star of our homes due to its simplicity and its advantages.

If you want to know more about CimentStudio, visit us on our website and keep learning more about microcement.

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