Washbasin Cabinet

Sinks of all kinds

When it comes to reforming the bathroom, one of the elements that should be seen and decided is the washbasin cabinet. Bathroom furniture comes in all types and colors. Wood has traditionally been used, and lately what people often call built-in washbasin furniture has been taken. The washbasin furniture can be made of terrazzo, or as a last novelty, those of microcement. They can also be both suspended and supported on bases.

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Washbasin cabinet

The furniture for washbasins, or simply washbasins, in its most design version, are therefore covered with microcement. Its base can be made of various materials, such as plasterboard, marble or even bricks.

The advantages that this type of washbasin could have are:

  • waterproof: Microcement is a waterproof material
  • resistant: it is a very hard material to scratch
  • soft: its touch is very pleasant
  • aesthetics: since they can be made with the same coating as the walls, it gives a feeling of integration that is difficult to match.

Sinks for all tastes

The great advantage of microcement sinks compared to traditional ones or terrazzo ones is that they can be personalized down to the last detail.

Microcement is a material that in both colors and textures is incomparable with any other material that is used today. This implies that we can give the washbasin a metallic finish, for example, so that it would look like a forged piece in any boiler shop. Or even rust it, so we could make it look like a sink from a sunken ship on any island. The options are endless and this particularity of microcement is what is making many decorators decide for it.

In addition, it is very simple to be able to make baths with one or two sinks, baths with a larger countertop, and even fit any wooden furniture within the microcement frame itself.

Another current trend in washbasin furniture is that the taps are embedded in the wall, a detail that combines perfectly with microcement sinks. Both to achieve a more rustic or something more modern atmosphere, since depending on the colors and finishes we choose, the result can be totally different.

At CimentStudio we have manufactured many built-in washbasins and vanity units, covered with microcement and the result has always been spectacular.

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