Top Microcement Uses: Washbasins, Shower trays, Furniture, Countertops

Washbasins in Microcement

Nowadays and more and more, new materials are being sought for our home, and thus try to make it different and exclusive. It is not easy to innovate and find malleable materials that give that original touch.

In this post we will talk about sinks, shower trays, furniture and countertops with microcement. Microcement is a very versatile material that has been applied to a multitude of surfaces, but mostly to floors and walls. The reason is that despite its resistance, it is a material that provides difficult design options. It is a coating that combining colors and textures can achieve spectacular and totally unique finishes.

In recent years, the fashion has grown to apply it to decorative elements or commonly used in homes, such as sinks, countertops or furniture for example. Its high impermeability and resistance make it suitable to give a different touch to those elements that we are very used to seeing in a certain way.

mueble microcemento

Durable Solution

Therefore, its use has become popular due to the following characteristics:

  • hygiene
  • impermeability
  • antibacterial
  • versatile
  • malleable


When we talk about hygiene, rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom come to mind. The fact of being a continuous coating, without joints, means that dirt cannot be embedded. When cleaning a microcement surface we can be sure that it is completely clean.

It is a waterproof material, making it ideal for furniture that may be in contact with water or even high humidity. When we see a bathroom cabinet with microcement, sa


Now with the novelty of the antibacterial microcement system (anti bacteria) a barrier is created to prevent bacteria from reproducing. In this way, although the bacteria end up on the microcement due to some circumstance, it ensures that they do not grow or reproduce, lasting a few hours and thus eliminating any hint of danger.

When we talk about versatility we mean that the same finish can have the wall as well as the furniture that is recessed against it. Thanks to this particularity, we can get furniture that seems to be embedded in the wall, which is part of it. This particularity means that many decorators are betting on microcement for the creation of new spaces.

The malleability of microcement is such that any surface can be covered. There is no angle or vertex that resists its coating, being able to reconvert any piece of furniture into a singular piece.

lavabo microcemento

Microcement as a solution

These properties have caused a real revolution in the coating of countertops, shower trays, sinks etc … that were previously replaced by new ones and are now recycled by applying microcement. Even sustainability is on the side of microcement!

Now with the new times, our home is increasingly important, where we enjoy with ours, the place of energy recharge. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to be comfortable at home, without having to resort to annoying reforms and debris.

These coatings resist stains, are easy to clean, low maintenance, in short, a choice of coating that does not give complications and is quick to install.

At CimentStudio we are specialists in decoration and coatings with textures, oxides, and metals. We create spaces to enjoy them, call us and we will advise you on everything you need for your home. Our experience and clients support us. Visit our projects at carried out Valencia, Alicante, Castellón. Call us and we can talk!

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