The Worst Microcement Applicator

How should a Microcement applicator be? Today we will see what an applicator has to be considered a bad professional and what problems it has. We will see what is the reason for the bad reputation that microcement has acquired in recent times. How is the worst microcement applicator?

ducha mcirocemento

Lack of experience

The biggest problem when applying microcement is lack of experience. In recent years, and given the boom in this material, many professionals from other sectors have dared to apply it, without having the necessary resources. Many painters or masons have applied it as part of a reform or rehabilitation of a home, the results of which have mostly been negative.

This lack of professionalism has caused many people to consider microcement as a delicate material and one that causes many problems.

Against this fame, companies like ours, CimentStudio, have to fight to show that microcement is a resistant material that, if properly applied, does not cause any kind of problem.

Therefore, the problems that a bad microcement applicator would present would be:

  • Do not wait for drying times: This causes the different layers not to dry, remaining moisture retained that at some point will try to come to the surface. The stains that are seen in bad applications may be due to this reason.
  • Not performing all the steps: In some cases we have seen that in some applications steps such as priming or applying fewer layers of polyurethane than necessary have been skipped.

Lack of professionalism

  • Incorrect sanding: Sanding is an extremely important step in the result of an application. It should be sanded in circles trying to even all the surfaces to avoid that some of them are lighter than others.
  • Trowel management: A bad applicator will not control the trowel passes that must be made for each section. This fact can cause the different areas to dry at different speeds, causing changes in tone and being clearer in those areas with more trowel passes.
  • Reworks: the lack of experience can lead to having to undertake reworks in different areas. Rework without much experience will always be noticed, and it will be a source of defects in the final finish.
  • Polyurethane roller: A bad microcement applicator will also not pay attention to the application of the polyurethane, being able to leave marks from the roller that will be very visible after light, especially in dark colors.


At CimentStudio we are motivated by the fact that we demonstrate every day that microcement is the material of the future, and that the bad reputation it still has is just that, a bad reputation. Follow us on our homepage to see more about microcement.

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