Drywall and Microcement

Drywall and Microcement: a Great Combination

DRYWALL AND MICROCEMENT – The plasterboard is a material that has increased its use in recent years. It is a product that is soundproof, resistant to fire and insulates from extreme temperatures. Its acoustic and thermal insulation, to which we have to add that it is easy to install and barely leaves dirt, is the reason for its use in renovations and decoration.

Nowadays, with so many renovations taking place anywhere in the world, it is logical that plasterboard and microcement have become a great combination. They are widely used in commercial premises, apartments, home renovations, offices, etc. With plasterboard a quick installation of the distribution is achieved and with microcement the natural coating that so many decorators are looking for today is achieved.

Cocina microcemento

Application of Microcement on Drywall

It is important that the microcement installer be an experienced professional. When placing this coating on plasterboard panels we have to be careful with the absorption differences. The explanation is that being a natural product, microcement can end up with different shades depending on the drying time. The absorption of concrete walls, plasterboard and tiles is different. Therefore, its treatment becomes necessary to avoid it.

This characteristic fact of microcement cannot be solved with an acrylic bonding bridge. If done, unwanted stains may appear at the end of the installation. Joints between plasterboard plates can even appear. To solve this, the surface is treated with an epoxy primer that evens the absorptions of the entire space to be coated.


DRYWALL and microcement are star materials when combining them in renovations and decorations. Although we must bear in mind that some details can make the project fail. At CimentStudio we apply it with all guarantees, microcement is an innovative material that achieves extraordinary results if applied by professionals.

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