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Advantages of Microcement in New Construction

In this article we are going to analyze the advantages of using microcement in new construction. Possibly the most widespread use of microcement is in renovations. Possibly for two fundamental reasons:

  • Minimum Thickness
  • Easy combination with existing elements

But microcement is increasingly used by architects and decorators in new builds due to many other advantages that it possesses. Probably the main reason why professionals choose it is that it is a natural element. Currently, if we look at trends in decoration, we will see the use of stone, wood and possibly metallic elements.

Microcement is a material composed of resins and aggregates, the production of which does not generate waste or require high energy, as is the case with ceramic materials. This makes it a sustainable and natural coating. Both visually and to the touch, the sensation that microcement gives is similar to the touch of a stone.

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Other Advantages Microcement

Although it might seem otherwise, but the price is another advantage of microcement. Any self-leveling floor can be easily covered with microcement, achieving prices similar to a floor tile. Obviously, if low-end tiles are chosen, the prices will surely be lower. But if we are looking for a more exclusive finish, microcement is a very competitive solution.

The infinity of colors and textures is possibly another of the properties that architects and decorators like the most. You can achieve the colors you want, customizing each installation and achieving unique results.

Versatile Microcement

The possibility of using microcement in all rooms is another of its strengths. Being a technical material, it has properties that make it recommendable for any use:

  • Waterproof
  • High scratch resistance
  • It does not lose tone with the passage of time

That is why it can be used in the bathroom (walls, floors, shower, sink), in the kitchen (walls, floor, worktop) and even outdoors. Thus, a very natural environment can be achieved throughout the house.

Another of its great advantages is the absence of joints. It is having the possibility of forgetting the accumulation of dirt, and that the rooms give a feeling of much greater spaciousness.

At CimentStudio we recommend the use of microcement in new works and renovations due to its many advantages. Visit us to learn more on our CimentStudio website.

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