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Microcement Cost

What is the price of Microcement? It is the most repeated question lately by many people when they hear about microcement. This is because everyone assumes that it is a trending material, but does not know what its value is. Also, everyone agrees that it is an expensive material. But is it really?

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It is expensive?

It depends. If we take into account that we would avoid debris with what this implies: permits, container, working hours … it could be said that no. It should be remembered that microcement can be applied on any surface, so its installation is very quick and easy, avoiding the removal of old tiles.

In addition, if we take into account the degree of exclusivity that we endow any room, its price loses even more importance. Let me explain, if we consider tiles from a top brand and choose an exclusive line, the cost of these is going to be higher than in microcement. And the level of customization and the ability to choose any color is not yet imaginable in tiles.

Types of Microcement

Another factor that could intervene in the final cost of a microcement job is that of the material used. Approximately 30% of the value of a job done in microcement is the raw material used. There are many brands of microcement material, and prices vary widely between them. For this reason, you have to know how to choose those that ensure maximum resistance of the material and full waterproofing.

Currently, the best microcement brands could be said to be located in Spain, since thanks to the sand that exists in this area, it favors a higher quality of the final product.

All the steps

A factor that could also determine the difference in price between one budget and another for various microcement applicators is the completion of all the steps of the process. There are many applicators who, in order to save, avoid performing each and every one of the steps necessary to ensure a good job on any surface. This could save them some material, or a visit, and they prefer not to consider it and thus be able to adjust a budget more.

We consider this a mistake, since microcement is a very resistant material, but only if it is applied correctly. If it is done by unprofessional people, it is a material that can give many problems.

The polyurethane varnish is the last layer in the process, and it is no less important for that. The cost of the varnish is considerable within the total price, which is why many choose to use low-quality varnishes that could cause problems in the medium or long term. We recommend using top quality varnishes that ensure correct cleaning of the microcement and a sufficient surface hardness to withstand the passage of time.

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