Microcement Square Meter Price

Microcement Square Meter Price

What is the price per square meter of the microcement? This is the question that all our clients ask us when they start to fantasize about the idea of ​​converting a room using microcement. The answer to this question is not as simple as it might seem. Let’s see why.

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Factors affecting cost

The cost of a reform or work done with microcement can vary a lot depending on some very important factors:

Number of meters: Microcement is a material that requires a series of steps and drying times. This implies that if it were a small amount of meters to work, its cost could not be affected only by this amount. Time would play a fundamental role.

  • The support: The type of support is very important. If we have a wall with gotelé, it will first have to be covered to be able to apply the microcement well. All these details increase or decrease the cost.
  • Corners: It is not the same to work a totally flat surface to work a surface with edges and corners that cause the work time to increase considerably.

Lots of options

  • The type of finish: Microcement can have an infinite number of finishes, and the cost of each of them is different. In the most basic range would be the microcement with a concrete finish. In the high range we would already have the oxides and figures that add a surprise effect to the decoration.

  • Substrate preparation: Surfaces often have to be prepared, for example stairs. For a perfect finish, the setbacks that were often made in the past must be eliminated. The current trend is for these to remain completely as a block, therefore the riser must be filled in each step. This cost is not in itself of the microcement, but it increases the final price of the works.

    Therefore the price depends on several factors that cause the final invoice to be higher or lower. The result will always be very elegant, seamless and highly personalized, but depending on how we have the house it will cost us more or less.

    Eliminating all the factors seen, the applicators normally in Spain are between 45 and 100 euros per square meter. We recommend choosing the most professional company, since although price is important, quality is much more important. At CimentStudio we are used to going to repair work already carried out by other companies, so we recommend having companies with proven solvency.

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