The Thousand Names of Microcement

Microcement: Worldwide known

Microcemento, micro-topping, microtopping, microcement, hormigón encerado, hormigón pulido, béton ciré, microcrete, microbeton, waxed concrete…

These are the names that we can find all over the world when referring to microcement. In any of these English-speaking countries, and also in Spain, Italy, France or Germany. The popularity of microcement is constantly evolving around the world.

Currently there is a growing trend towards minimalist decoration. Less is more. In this new way of decorating, microcement plays a fundamental role as it evokes the industrial air of old concrete factories.

Formerly, the houses were decorated to the smallest detail, hence the walls had many pictures, or any corner should have its furniture. With the new trends, all this changes, and remembering those American lofts from the 80s movies, the vintage style returns with reminiscences of the industrial revolution.

The walls with exposed brick, or applying microcement such as concrete, are being used by the best decorators. The house regains its importance and the decoration loses its prominence.

suelo microcemento

Why do people use microcement?

There are several reasons why people choose to use microcement, and it is not only because of its sophisticated and smooth finish: it is very easy to manipulate, it is adaptable to any surface and only with 2-3 mm it gives a concrete look. If we wanted to have this finish, using concrete, we would have to apply about 6 cm of layer to have resistance. In this way we would achieve what microcement achieves with only 2-3 millimeters.

Architects, designers and homeowners can make renovations and benefit from an ideal cladding that does not need work and achieves a dramatic change. All this without diminishing the advantages it has, for example with hygiene by not having joints.

Where and how can microcement be used?

Microcement is incredibly versatile and, as such, is being in various applications by designers. Both on walls, floors, and furniture covering.

It combines wonderfully with elements of stainless steel, wood and with hydraulic tiles. It is the ideal companion to achieve that minimalist finish that is so sought after today.

Thanks to its water resistance it is also ideal for the kitchen, whether on the floor, walls or even on shelves and backsplashes. The same happens with the bathrooms, and the sinks.

This also means that it can be used safely and effectively in outdoor applications.

Get to know us more on our CimentStudio website, and let yourself be seduced by the new trend.

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